1st Dose Covishield, 2nd Dose Covaxin, Allege 20 Villagers In Uttar Pradesh; CMO Admits ‘Negligence’

New Delhi: In a case of medical negligence, 20 villagers were inoculated with Covaxin after the first dose of Covishield in Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh on May 14.

The incident has been reported from Badhni Primary Health Care Centre in UP where 20 people from Audahi Kalan were administered with Covishield as their first dose whereas on May 14 they were inoculated with Covaxin as their second dose by the healthcare workers.

According to the reports, CMO Siddharthnagar, Sandeep Chaudhary said, “there are no such guidelines from the government of India on any kind of ‘cocktail’ of vaccines and hence this is a matter of negligence. The person who is getting the first dose of a particular vaccine should get the second dose of the same vaccine as well. An enquiry was ordered in this case and our senior officers went to the spot and conducted enquiry. On the basis of which clarification has been asked from people who have been named in the enquiry report. After this proper action will be taken against those who will be found guilty.”

“Our team had gone to the spot and spoken to all the people who were administered a second dose of a different vaccine, all of them are fit and fine and are not facing any health issues at the moment. However we will keep an eye on the entire situation,” added CMO Siddharthnagar.

Meanwhile, a villager named Ramsurat resident of Audahi Kalan village said, “I was given the first dose of Covishield on April 1, 2021 while the second dose was given on May 14, 2021 which was covaxin. When I went for the second dose, nobody was bothered to see which vaccine I had got as my first dose, the staff was busy with their own things. I was given Covaxin instead of Covishield. I am fit at the moment but there is a fear that there is something wrong inside my body. No one till now has come to me to enquire about the issue. Total 20 people were given the wrong vaccine.”

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Sandeep Chaudhary of Siddharthnagar has launched a probe into this connection and assured a strict action against those who will be found guilty.

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