14-year-old allegedly raped by headmaster after she was gangraped in Bihar

Bihar: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a headmaster when she sought his help after being kidnapped by four boys and later sexually assaulted by one of them. The incident took place in Bihar’s Kaimur district on Saturday.

According to reports, the girl has left to take a bath when suddenly four boys kidnapped her and took her to a remote location some distance away, where one of the boys sexually assaulted her while the other boys stood by and watched on.

The girl alleged that the school’s headmaster witnessed the group of boys dragging her away but did not help her, instead he followed them from a safe distant. After the boys saw the headmaster while raping the girl, they immediately ran away from the place.

The victim told the police she believed the headmaster, Surendra Kumar Bhaskar, would help her, but instead he also sexually assaulted her then dumped her body in a pool of blood in the bushes.

The boys and the suspected headmaster have been detained for violating the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO), the police said.

The girl has been sent to the neighbourhood hospital for treatment and a medical examination. Under Section 164 of the IPC, the girl’s statement would be recorded in front of a magistrate. While the boy is missing, the suspected headmaster has been taken into custody. To get the boy, raids are being carried out. Action would also be taken against the other three guys whose identities have come forth, according to Bhabhua DSP Sunil Kumar.

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