13 Cases Of Black Fungus Confirmed In Kerala

Kerala: A rare fungal infection called Mucormycosis (black fungus) has suddenly seen to rise in India. In the past few hours 13 patients have been confirmed from 5 districts in Kerala.

The disease was reported in Palakkad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kottayam and Kollam districts of Kerala on Wednesday.

In Malappuram district, eight cases were diagnosed. In Kottayam three people were diagnosed, and one in Palakkad and the other one is Kollam.

A very shocking incident took place in Malappuram. A 62-year-old man lost an eye following the disease. Later patient’s eye had to be removed to stop the fungal infection spreading to his nervous system.

In Kollam, a woman was diagnosed with a fungal infection. She had surgery on Wednesday. The hospital officials informed that her condition is stable for now.

If a person has a severe headache in one part of the head, severe pain around the eyes, blurred vision and discharge of black liquid from the nose. Then a person is likely to be diagnosed with Black Fungus.

Newly appointed Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan informed that black fungus infection will not transmit among people.

The diabetes patients who are contracted with COVID-19 must be extra careful. The citizens can contact doctors through E-Sanjeevaniportal for seeking more information and guidelines related to black fungus.

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