1.5 km long queue begins from 4.30 am in morning here for Biryani: Watch

Although it seems unbelievable, but it is a fact that people form massive queue that is approximately spread up to 1.5 kilometre at a famous Biryani shop in Bangalore of Karnataka on most Sundays.

One of the customers in the queue said that he stood in the line from 4.30 am and at about 6.30 am his turn came to order biryani.

A Twitter user Kaveri posted about it on her handle and captioned it, “Queue for biryani at Hoskote, Bangalore. Tell me what biryani this is and is it free?”

Along with other specialties, Indians are also known as food lovers. A large variety of Indian recipes perhaps make many of us foodie, and there is nothing wrong in it. That is why sometimes we come across such uncommon events.

Titled ‘Anand Dum Biryani’, this Biryani shop of Bengaluru is catering to the need of people with tasty biryani for the last 22 years.

Like other business centres, this Biryani shop was also closed for months due to lock down. Soon after its re-opening following lock down, it has so far managed to garner almost the same number of customers, which it had before the lock down.

Talking to ANI a customer said that he reached the spot at 4 am stood for two and half hours to order biryani at 6.30 am in the morning. But he is happy and says that the food was too delicious and it was worth waiting.

  1. R.K.Pillai says


  2. Jai says

    Humans nothing same as monkey..if one will do other follow too blindly

  3. H says

    I dont consume rice…so if they provide the rice for free…of course I will throw it into the rubbish bin throw it into the rubbish bin.

  4. Roger woldeman says

    Stupidity and nothing beeter to do.no wonder theirs ia a culture of hope.nothing but losers

  5. Abhi says

    People will waste 2.5 hours of their precious time for a biryani?!

  6. Hardnut says

    Bhikaris are better

  7. Kunal Dutt says


  8. Needhi says

    There is a limit to stupidity. It is sad to see people standing for two hours for food. Due to all this take away food hospitals are flourishing in our country

  9. Syed says

    The person who told that ‘ I don’t consume rice and if the giv him for free I would throw in dustbin’ dude u could giv that food to neede people who don’t hav food but u cheep guy Ur like I will throw the food in dustbin Ur parents Nd teacher dint thought u to respect food shame on u

  10. Syed says

    Shameless guy go giv that food who dont hav food to hav… Ur parents Nd teacher dint thought u good thing useless person

  11. Ramsay says

    Bigger Q in kochi for jeffs authentic afghan biriyani and white chicken curry…check youtube for more jnfo ..and shop only open for 2hours

  12. Ramsay says

    And its not free

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