When This Bollywood Actress Almost Got Married To Former Pakistan Skipper Imran Khan

In the past,we have seen many bollywood beauties having affair with cricketers and married them as well. However, a new report has revealed one of the most hidden relationships which happened between Bollywood beauty Rekha and a former Pakistan cricketer and presently the Prime Minister Imran Khan and has been grabbing headlines all over again.

Imran Khan was one of the worlds greatest all rounder and was also ladies man in his era. He was quite famous among the ladies for his good looks and charm. He had been linked up with several women.

The report claims the former Pakistani captain almost got married to yesteryears Bollywood diva Rekha. It is believed that Rekha’s mother was quite happy with the development in her daughter’s life.

It was reported that he spent an entire month of April in Mumbai. During that period, he and the actress were seen enjoying each other’s company on several occasions including visits to the beach, the residence of Premi Shivar Godraj, and even at nightclubs. It was also reported that they seemed quite close and they loved each other deeply and passionately.



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However, the article also quoted Imran’s views on dating actresses. He once said, “The company of actresses is good for a short period. I enjoy their company for some time and then move ahead. I cannot even think of marrying a movie actress.”

According to reports, Imran also enjoyed the company of Bollywood actresses Shabana Azmi and Zeenat Aman

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