Video of hospitalized fan dancing to ‘Chaleya’ from ‘Jawan’ goes viral; SRK responds

A heartwarming video featuring a hospitalized fan dancing to 'Chaleya' song from Jawan movie is going viral over the internet.

Ever since the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster ‘Jawan’ on September 7, fans have been showcasing their enthusiasm by creating vibrant dance videos to the movie’s peppy tracks.

Recently, a heartwarming video featuring Prisha David, an Instagram influencer, dancing to the superhit track ‘Chaleya’ from the film gained immense popularity. What made this dance even more remarkable was the setting – Prisha dancing her way to recovery in a hospital.

She mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ songs played a significant role in boosting her spirits during her healing process.The video quickly captured the attention of King Khan himself.

In the captivating video, Prisha can be seen in a hospital gown, showcasing her energetic dance moves to the catchy beats of ‘Chaleya’. Alongside the video, she captioned, “SRK HAS HEALING POWERS,” expressing how the music of ‘Jawan’ had a positive impact on her recovery. The video was shared by a fan page on social media, which Shah Rukh Khan noticed and responded to with affection.

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In his response, the Bollywood icon wrote, “This is very good! Thank u Get well soon and watch the film!!! Looking forward to another dance video but once you’re out of the hospital Love u.” Shah Rukh Khan’s heartfelt message conveyed warm wishes for Prisha’s speedy recovery and encouraged her to keep dancing to his film’s tunes, promising more joyous moments once she’s back on her feet.

The power of Shah Rukh Khan’s art and the ability to uplift spirits is indeed a testament to his enduring influence on fans, even in challenging times. We join in sending Prisha our best wishes for a swift recovery and many more joyful dance moments in the future.

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