Uorfi Javed gets death threat for being dressed up like Bhool Bhulaiyaa’s Chhote Pandit for Halloween

Uorfi Javed latest appearance as blockbuster hit film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’s Chhote Pandit portrayed by Rajpal Yadav is going viral over the internet.

Instagram influencer Uorfi Javed has got serious death threats for being dressed up like Chhote Pandit of Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The influencer took to her X account and shared screenshots of hate-filled messages and abusive emails with serious death threats.

Uorfi Javed latest appearance as blockbuster hit film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’s Chhote Pandit portrayed by Rajpal Yadav had gone viral over the internet.

Dressed in a striking red bodysuit and orange dhoti salwar and painted her entire face red. She adorns a marigold garland around her neck and places two agarbattis in her hair, styled in a bun.

Accompanying the video, Uorfi shared, “Paani 💧I hope everyone knows chhota pandit is a character from bhool bhulaiya 😅Bahot mehant se Halloween party k liye ready hui thi but jaa nahi paayi toh socha video hi daal du!” (For those not aware, “Chhota Pandit” is a character from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa. I prepared for the Halloween party with great effort, but since I couldn’t attend, I thought I’d post a video).

Reacting to it, one fan expressed, “Only Uorfi can pull off something like this,” and another stating, “Ye sahi tha @urf7i itni Sundar hokr v @rajpalofficial ki copy karna…..is brilliant idea……rajpal yadav proud of you…..ki apne itne bade actor ko recreate Kiya.”

There were also those who poked fun, with comments such as “Sasta chota pandit” (Cheap Chhote Pandit), and a playful jab, “Rajpal Yadav left the chat.”

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In the past ten days, Uorfi Javed has captivated social media with three distinct and creative looks. From a multicolored lehenga skirt paired with a tube top for Navaratri to donning seven sunglasses along with a ‘nanga naach’ crop top and lace bikini bottom, Uorfi has kept her followers entertained. For her third look, she ingeniously crafted an entire outfit using a computer’s keyboard, donning a keyboard-as-a-crop-top paired with pants made from keyboard keys.


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