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Shreya Ghoshal: I am not a born composer

New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) Shreya Ghoshal’s singing is always on point. But not many know that there’s also a composer in her.

Just before the coronavirus lockdown in India in March, she had unveiled a single “Nah woh main”.

“I was thinking of releasing it later but I was not sure how long the lockdown would go on, so I just released it on my YouTube channel. It’s co-composed by me and my brother,” Shreya told IANS.

She wants to use the lockdown days to create more content for her YouTube channel.

“I am trying to work on some stuff. It takes a little while to crack a good song. I am not a born composer, I am more of a singer than a composer. I do have a lot of projects that are coming to me — some nice compositions from friends — so, I am collaborating with people and I am ideating,” she said.

“I have always wanted to create something that I want to sing. I don’t always want to depend on a film. Film songs are limited to the story or the setting of the film,” added the “Teri ore” hitmaker.

She doesn’t have a preference when it comes to the genre of songs.

“I am as fluid as one can think of. The kind of music I listen to is quite versatile. I don’t limit myself. But I like slightly challenging songs,” said Shreya.

Sharing an example, she said: “‘Ghar more pardesiya’ from ‘Kalank’ was a tough song to sing. It’s a dance song but all the ‘harkat’ and nuances were there. It also had to sound cinematic. It was a challenging song. I hope these kind of songs happen more. Whether it is classical or not, it should be challenging.”

She is also keeping the artiste in her alive during these tough times by doing virtual concerts.

She recently participated in YouTube’s One Nation initiative that saw over 75 music artistes and Indian YouTube creators uniting for a live concert.

“Everyone is at home, their morale is down. It’s been over a month of lockdown. We needed to do something to cheer up people. Also, we are raising funds. I want to help as much as possible. A lot of underprivileged people are there who need a lot of support. This is for that and also to bring a smile on a lot of faces,” she said.

“By doing this, I am also keeping myself happy. There was a time when I felt 24 hours were less in a day, now I feel there is so much time and less to do. So doing virtual concerts keeps people positive,” she added.

She has learnt a new skill too!

“I think my cooking skills have definitely improved. I have been experimenting in the kitchen. Some dishes have turned out to be very successful. So I pat my shoulder. I have made some really tasty stuff,” she said with a laugh.

Household chores have been keeping her occupied, too.

“Although I am saying that I have a lot of time, the fact remains that most of the day goes in doing the household chores. And it is difficult. So from cleaning to cooking to keeping the house tidy, I am doing it all.

“Some form of home exercises keep me occupied, too. I watch news regularly, a lot of people are affected in this pandemic. I am trying to do my bit by actively trying to help out the needy through donations,” said Shreya.

She hasn’t given much thought to what she will immediately do once the lockdown is over, but there’s one thing that she’s missing a lot.

“I want to see my country. I want to travel. I miss going to the airport,” she said.

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