Shah Rukh Khan finally gets relief in ‘Raees’ stampede case, Gujarat HC dismisses criminal proceedings against the actor

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan took a train journey to promote his film in 2017. While he travelled from Mumbai to Delhi, in between, at Vadodara station, he greeted his fans and even threw t-shirts and smiley balls for them. However, the event arranged with a good will took a negative turn as a mishap took place resulting in a death of a man.

Later in February that year, a private complaint was registered against Shah Rukh Khan by Vadodara resident Jitendra Solanki at the magisterial court.

Now, Gujarat High Court has granted relief to the actor on the stampede case.

The FIR against SRK was reportedly lodged under IPC sections 336, 337 and 338. Reportedly, the Gujarat Court pointed that ‘the primary ingredient of offences punishable under IPC Sections 336, 337 and 338 and 304A is that the act concerned should be done rashly or negligently.’ However, Shah Rukh Khan’s acts cannot “be stated to be acts of a very high degree of negligence or recklessness”, said the court.

In his verdict, Justice Kariel, stated that SRK’s acts may have led to people getting excited but they were not acts of high degree of negligence.

As per the reports, the court also observed that some other situations may have led to unruly behaviour of the crowd. Some international cricketers also came to meet SRK at the station. The train stopped in place where Shah Rukh Khan’s compartment was near the stairs and hence space was narrow.

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