Set Photos Of ‘Barbie’ Movie Goes Viral

The set photographs of the upcoming Greta Gerwig-written and directed film “Barbie” has generated a lot of interest. The first live-action movie in the Mattel toy line, which also produces Hot Wheels and Masters of the Universe, stars Ryan Gosling as her love interest Ken and Margot Robbie as the titular Barbie.

Set photographs for “Barbie,” which is presently in production, occasionally appear online. In the recent pictures, Robbie and Gosling can be seen roller skating while dressed in garish neon attire. It’s unclear if the performers are simply hanging out or if the image is from a real movie.

Recently released set photos show the two actors rollerblading along the beach while clad in bright pink once more. The two are dressed in a way that pays homage to the “Hot Skatin” Barbie of the 1990s, which fans of the toy series may also note.

The co-stars, who play Barbie and Ken, were decked up in abstract neon-colored clothing, knee protectors that matched, and roller blades. The images maintain the distinctive visual tone and look that the film is going for. With his platinum blonde hair, an unbuttoned, cut-sleeved denim jacket, and the visible “Ken” inscribed on the waistband of his underwear earlier, Ryan Gosling in particular attracted a lot of attention for his appearance.

In either case, the movie appears to be well worth the wait. The movie “Barbie” debuts on July 21, 2023.

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