Saisha Shinde offended as Karanvir Bohra mocks her for breast implants

Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut hosted ‘Lock Upp’ is grabbing all the eye balls with its never-ending fights and heated arguments among the contestants.

In the recent one, Kaaranvir Bohra made fun of transwoman Saisha Shinde for her breast implants and she got offended and later both get into a heated argument.

Kaaranvir was doing a mime act in the yard area, while doing the act he inserted two oranges inside his clothes. Saisha got to know about this fact and she found this very offensive as she thought he was mocking her about her breast implants.

They got into an argument, Kaaranvir defended himself, in the meantime Payal Rohtagi intervened and said stop playing woman card. Saisha said: “You cannot make your career in front of me in 14 years. You are nothing in front of me.”

Later, Payal and Saisha had an ugly fight.

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