Ranbir Kapoor suffers car accident before ‘Shamshera’ trailer launch

The trailer of Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Shamshera’ has been launched took place at Mumbai earlier today. During the event, Ranbir revealed that his car met with an accident on his way to the event.

The trailer started a bit late, which made many everyone wonder that the actors were late, as usual. However, the ‘Barfi’ actor’s shocking revelation changed everyone’s reaction into a concerned one.

Ranbir claimed that he is always punctual.
“I am very sure of time. My driver came before me from Infinity Mall. And then, when we came, someone banged my car, so the glass broke,” he further added.

Hearing this, Shamshera’s director Karan said that it is supposed to be good luck. “So I hope all goes well,” he said.

Shamshera’s trailer has increased the level of anticipation among the fans. As per the trailer, Ranbir plays the role of both the father and the son.

The clips also shows that the villagers are brutally tortured by an insensitive cop named Shuddh Singh, played by Sanjay Dutt. Young Ranbir, who plays desi robin hood, loots wealthy towns and weddings with his dacoit friends. Vaani Kapoor is playing the role of a dancer in the movie as well as the love interest of Ranbir.

Speaking about working with Sanjay, Ranbir said, “He has been my first idol, my first hero. I had a poster of him (at home). Then I got to know him, he’s been a family friend. Then I got to act like him, I got to portray his life and finally, I got to fight (against) him. The journey has been (unbelievable). He treats me like a son, he treats me like a friend, and he treats me like a brother. He calls and shouts at me if I am not doing anything good.” He recalls how Sanjay wanted him to do larger-than-life movies that would appeal to a wider audience. With Shamshera happening, Ranbir hopes he is headed to doing more such big movies.

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