Pushpa actor Allu Arjun receives tremendous fat shaming for his most recent look

South star Allu Arjun has been getting love and acclaim for his most recent hit movie, “Pushpa.” The movie was released in theatres on December 17, 2021 and despite being a regional production, became one of the top moneymakers of the year. Arjun’s portrayal of the character “Pushpa” immediately became popular with the general public. In the movie, Allu played a red sand smuggler named Pushpa Raj. The audience was startled by his distinctive walking style, shoulder tilt, and hand spinning in his beard.

The actor was recently sighted by paparazzi in Mumbai. He was spotted with the same beard and haircut as the “Pushpa” avatar. He was dressed in a patterned T-shirt and black trouser, and he appeared bulkier than normal. However, the celebrity’s most recent public appearance drew considerable criticism, as social media users fat shamed him.


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Allu Arjun is currently the biggest celebrity in the south Indian film business, and thanks to his most recent film, Pushpa, he is steadily growing his fan base in Bollywood as well. The actor is getting ready for Pushpa 2, and the filmmakers are going above and beyond to make it a visual delight for both the audience and moviegoers.

The amount of love that Allu Arjun received from the Hindi audience left him speechless, and he also desires more of that affection. To keep spectators enthralled to the big screen once more, the actor is also taking part in creative decisions. Speaking of the affection the Hindi audience had shown him, “It’s my first Hindi theatrical release. It absolutely goes above and beyond what I had anticipated. We didn’t have high hopes when we released the film. It is more akin to experimenting. I’m very happy that we were able to do it perfect the first time. It’s incredible that our first attempt was successful.”

The creators of Pushpa 2 have assured his fans that it would be bigger and better.


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