Oscar-nominated actor James Martin returns to his day job at coffee shop

Oscar-nominated actor James Martin, after starring in "An Irish Goodbye," stated that he will return to his day job.

Los Angeles: Oscar-nominated actor James Martin, after starring in “An Irish Goodbye,” stated that he will return to his day job.

The star, who has Down’s Syndrome, worked at Starbucks in Belfast before starring in the short film, reports mirror.co.uk.

The 30-year-old said that he “helps out all the customers” and that he’s been “doing that a long time.”

“It’s nice,” he explained.

James played one of two brothers who are brought together by their mother’s death. The film is nominated in the Best Short Film category at the Oscars.

He also worked as a chef in the Italian restaurant Scalini’s.

“I can make garlic bread, meatballs, salads and mussels, chips and stuff like that,” he added.

The actor discussed acting with Down’s syndrome and said “anybody can act” and it “doesn’t matter if you have Down’s syndrome.”

“Take Stephen Hawking [who had motor neurone disease] in the Simpsons,” he explained.

“He was a fantastic actor, he knew what he was doing but you just have to treat him like an adult. I always say to people never judge a book by its cover.”

James is also known for his role in the show ‘Ups And Downs’.

He is currently in a relationship with Louise Davies, who will be his date at the Academy Awards in March.

James is hoping to meet Robert De Niro at the ceremony and hang out with fellow Irishman Colin Farrell.

‘An Irish Goodbye’ stars Michelle Fairley as Grainne, Paddy Jenkins as Father O’Shea, Seamus O’Hara as Turlough and James as Lorcan. When the two brothers reunite following the death of their mother, they end up discovering her unfulfilled bucket list.

The short film is directed and written by Tom Berkeley and Ross White.

James’ on-screen brother Seamus was shocked when he found out about the Oscar nomination.

“Since we found out that the film has made the final shortlist, it’s definitely in a different gear now. It’s wild!” he said.

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