Neetu Kapoor recalls her wedding day, says she and Rishi Kapoor was drunk before pheras

Veteran actor Neetu Kapoor recently revealed that her wedding to the late actor Rishi Kapoor was a huge event with lots of gatecrashers.

Neetu has made her comeback to the Hindi film industry with JugJugg Jeeyo that released on June 24. During a recent questionaire, the actress described how she and Rishi received numerous gifts at their wedding that were beautifully wrapped but included chappals and stones in it.

“Pickpockets were present at my wedding. Chappals and other presents with stones were given to me. We mistook them for visitors because they were all so immaculately dressed. Because it was such a large wedding, they crashed it,” Neetu recounted.

The ‘Amar Akhbar Anthony’ actress continued by saying that because the wedding was so huge, both she and Rishi passed out at one point.

“Rishi Kapoor was afraid of crowds and before making his way to the ghodi, he fainted since there were too many people,” she recalled.

When Neetu went for her pheras, she and Rishi had a lot of brandy, the actress conveyed this with a chuckle. She stated that both she and Rishi Kapoor were drinking brandy. When she took the pheras, she was intoxicated, she mentioned.

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