My heart attack could be a side effect of Covid vaccine: Shreyas Talpade

Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade has recently said that he thinks he suffered attack probably because of side effects of Covid-19 vaccine.

While speaking to Lehren Retro, Shreyas said, “I don’t smoke. I’m not really a regular drinker, I drink perhaps once a month. No tobacco, yes, my cholesterol was a little high, which I was told is normal these days. I was taking medication for that, and it had come down reasonably. So, if all the factors–no diabetes, no blood pressure, nothing, then what could be the reason?”

“I would not negate the theory. It was only after the Covid-19 vaccination is when I started experiencing some fatigue and tiredness. There has to be some amount of truth, and we cannot negate the theory. Maybe it is Covid or the vaccine, but there is something associated post that…It is very unfortunate because we genuinely don’t know what we have taken inside our bodies. We went with the flow and trusted the companies. I never heard of such incidents before Covid-19,” he further said.

It is worth mentioning here that the actor suffered heart attack on December 14, 2023 and underwent angioplasty.

Speaking about his health condition, Shreyas said to Times of India that while he was returning home, he felt breathless and experienced pain in his left arm. He thought it to be a muscle pain as he was working rigorously. However, situation worsened when he was on his way to home.

The actor’s wife, Deepti noticed the condition to be unusual and rushed him to the hospital. Shreyas felt his face go numb and he then passed out at the gate of the hospital. People present at the scene rushed to them and took them inside.

“The doctors gave CPR, electric shock, following which I revived. I was clinically dead. It was a massive cardiac arrest,” Shreyas said.

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