Mukesh Khanna says Kalki 2898 AD Not for Bihar and Odisha’s Audience, gets trolled

Popular TV actor Mukesh Khanna, who rose to fame for his acting as Saktiman, Bhishma, is getting trolled for his controversial statement on Oidsha and Bihar audience in a review video of the Kalki 2898 AD.

The actor recently shared a review video of Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898 AD on his YouTube channel. In the video, the actor said that the he would give 100 points to Kalki 2898 AD for the performances and scale of the movie. However, the film is meant for people of the west, while, the audience in Bihar and Odisha wouldn’t understand it.

He stated that the level of intellect with which the film has been made is fine for Hollywood. Then he added that people are more intelligent than us over there. Forgive me, but audiences in Odisha and Bihar are not going to understand this kind of filmmaking.

The actor’s controversial statement has outraged many who have vented their anger on the actor via posts on social media.

One user commented that “So according to Mukesh Khanna, the people of the state that gave birth to Pathani Samanta and Aaryabhatta aren’t smart enough to understand Kalki 2898 AD. What a shame that
understanding a film is a benchmark of one’s intelligence.” Another one wrote, “Guys do you think I am dumb on account of being an Odia? So dumb that I cant understand the film Kalki with cliches patched up from Hollywood? Mukesh Khanna seems to think so.”

Speaking about the video, the actor also said that director Nag Ashwin should not have changed elements of the Mahabharata. He should not show a misleading story about the Mahabharata.

He further said, “The liberties that you’ve taken are inexcusable. We think that South filmmakers have more respect for our traditions, but what happened here?,” adding that the government must set up a special committee to review mythological films and projects that have mythological connections.

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