Monali Thakur lashes at trolls calling her ‘gold digger’

Mumbai: Playback singer Monali Thakur has hit back at trolls who called her a gold digger.

Monali married Maik Richter, a Switzerland-based restaurateur, in 2017, though she made the news public only last month.

While replying to trolls, Monali also recalled vignettes from her wedding ceremony on Instagram.

“More than 3 years back.. these two crazy people @maaaik_richter n myself, got married in the most unconventional way with lots of drama and just love.. nothing was pretentious about this day.. it was just a very real and simple celebration of us.. which makes me feel very grateful,” She wrote alongside an image she posted.

She said both of them wore “oversized clothes” that were “bought at the last moment in Bandra”, and that they ended up looking like school kids going for a play or something.”

“(E)specially me (salwaar suit and sneakers as I forgot to buy the right footwear coz there was no time left).”

She said she shared a lot of drama following her little love story.

“Sooo since we didn’t do any wedding ceremony yet, since last 3 years, 2 months.. am sharing this moment from the day Maik n I got married.. There was drama on that day as Maik got deported and then brought back but there was no drama in our happiness and love!..”

She then went on to talk about social media bullies, who have been calling her nasty names.

“And for few miserable creatures out their in social media, with no balls.. hiding behind the anonymity and calling me names.. just to let you know calling me a gold digger only accentuates yourselves as massive failures.”

Monali said she married Maik because he “could celebrate my success, my strength and my independence.. it must be difficult for you losers to accept it but guess what!”

“The ‘gold digger/ earns more than the successful business man.. sorry to disappoint you all.. no drama in there.”

(Inputs from IANS)

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