Mithun Chakraborty released from hospital; says ‘will be actively engaged with party work’

Acclaimed actor and BJP leader Mithun Chakraborty has been released from the hospital on Monday afternoon. He was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata on Saturday morning reportedly after showing symptoms of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Accident, which in simple terms means blocking or plugging of an artery leading to the brain by a thrombus or blood clot.

After coming out of the hospital, the superstar said that barring the habit of overeating, he does not have any other complications.

“I eat like a demon. So I was punished. My advice for everyone is control your diet. Those who are diabetic should not have the misconception that consuming sweets will not make any difference. Control your diet,” Chakraborty said.

The actor also made it clear that his hospitalisation will not stop him from campaigning for the BJP in West Bengal for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“Who will look after the 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in West Bengal? I will. I will be actively engaged with the BJP. If asked, I will also go to other states for campaigning. I have great regards for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Time has come for the BJP to reach its peak,” Chakraborty said.

Besides being a successful multi-lingual movie star, Chakraborty has had a colourful political career.

During his college days in Kolkata, he got attracted towards the Naxal movement. In the later part of his career, he became close to the CPI-M leadership, especially former West Bengal minister late Subhash Chakraborty.

However, at a later stage following the insistence of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he became a Rajya Sabha member of the Trinamool Congress.

He started distancing himself from the state’s ruling party after the names of prominent Trinamool leaders got dragged in multi-crore chit fund scams in West Bengal, especially the Saradha Group and Rose Valley scams.

Before the 2021 Assembly elections, Chakraborty joined the BJP at a mega rally in Kolkata in the presence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

(With Inputs from IANS)

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