Kajol celebrates Durga Puja with family, Jaya Bachchan

Bollywood actress Kajol was celebrating Durga Puja with great passion along with her family where she was greeted by actress Jaya Bachchan.

Mumbai:  Bollywood actress Kajol was celebrating Durga Puja with great passion along with her family, as she went to a crowded pandal and stood beside a massive statue of the goddess where she was greeted by veteran actress Jaya Bachchan.

While the lights of the paparazzi’s cameras were on them, the two paid almost no heed to them and were instead engaged in casual banter.

Kajol was soon joined by her son Yug, her mother Tanuja, and her sister Tanishaa Mukherji. Her husband Ajay Devgn was not present. Bare feet on the red carpet, all of them had come to enjoy themselves in the pandal, partake in festivities and seek the blessings of the goddess.


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Not answering responding to the paparazzi, everyone was wearing special clothes for this occasion. Kajol and Jaya Bachchan were shining in their individual attires, as the ‘DDLJ’ actress was wearing an elegant green and white saree carrying a golden tint which was glittering with some simple but beautiful white designs.

The ‘Sholay’ star was wearing a purple-orange saree with several complex designs. Tanuja came up wearing a detailed and intricately woven green and white saree, while Tanishaa was wearing yellow.

Clearly on a private occasion, upon some insistence by the paparazzi, Kajol’s entire family alongside Jaya Bachchan obliged for some pictures as they continued talking.

Asking paparazzi if they got what they wanted to which they said “yes”, the family carried on with the festivities wanting not to be disturbed.

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