International Emmys to bar Russian programmes from competition

Los Angeles: In support of Ukraine, the executive committee of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have announced that it will bar all programmes from Russia from this year’s International Emmy Awards competition.

“This follows the previously announced action of suspending memberships, as well as all formal affiliations with Russia-based companies,” the organisation said in a statement released on Friday, reports ‘Variety’.

According to the International Academy, that means any programme that meets the following criteria is ineligible and, if already submitted, will be withdrawn: “All programmes produced by and/or co-produced with Russia-based companies,” as well as “all programmes originally made for a Russian-owned channel, network, or streaming platform.”

The org had previously released a statement on March 1 that “in support of Ukraine, the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences suspended the memberships of all Russian individuals, as well as all formal affiliations with Russia-based companies.”

“Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and everyone directly affected by the independent nation’s invasion by Russia. We pray for a quick end to this tragic conflict.”

As part of that move, Mikhail Solodovnikov, whose Russian-owned T&R Productions. runs the RT network, was removed from the International Academy’s board of directors, and his membership was suspended, reports ‘Variety’.

Other Russian members, including RT International head of news Elizaveta Brodskaya, were also removed from the roster, according to a report at the time by Deadline.

Last year, Russian-backed RT received an International Emmy nomination in the news category for “Nagorno-Karabakh War: Bloodshed And Path To Ceasefire.”

The UK’s Sky News eventually won the Emmy, however, for “A Warning From Italy.”

The representatives of the latest real-world event that has forced the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to act.

Last fall, the org took back an honorary Emmy it had awarded then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo following his resignation in disgrace.

This year will mark the 50th annual International Emmy Awards.

Last’s year’s event, hosted by Yvonne Orji, took place on November 22 in New York. The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which operates separately from the L.A.-based Television Academy and the New York-based National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, was founded in 1969 and focuses on television programming produced outside of the United States.

The International Emmy Award is awarded to programmes in 16 categories.

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