Exclusive interview with real life star of ‘Super 30’ math wizard Anand Kumar

Bhubaneswar: Mathematics wizard Anand Kumar is lately in the headlines post-release of ‘Super 30’. The Hrithik Roshan starrer Bollywood flick hit the theatres on July 12, 2019. The film is the biopic of Anand Kumar. He was lately in Bhubaneswar for promotion of the film when Kalinga TV chatted with him. Excerpts:

Who is your inspiration?

My father (deceased now) my mother and my brother inspired me. They enlightened me that despite hurdles we should move forward towards our aims. Like you can see in the film, there are poor students who were educated and they ultimately made it to success. I had to make the maximum effort but finally, it gets paid.

Why Hrithik Roshan was chosen to portray you in the film?

Hrithik Roshan Ji responded well after getting this offer. He said that he can go to any extent to portray such a legendary real-life star. He incessantly worked for one long year. And you can see in the screen his dedication. He has offered a vibrant presentation of Anand Kumar in the film.

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The first time I met Hrithik, I was very happy because he had the most dedication and thrust to do this film. He constantly told me that ‘Anand Ji, give me a year to prepare for this role.’ He had to tone down his physique and muscles. He also put in a lot of effort to talk and look like me. So, he asked for a year to prepare. When I saw this hunger in him, I knew that only Hrithik can do justice to this role.

How do you feel watching ‘Super 30’ here in Odisha?

It gives me immense joy when I see people appreciating this film. The story will definitely inspire people to push their boundaries. Those who are willing to work hard and go the extra mile will achieve success in their endeavors.

You have successfully shaped the career of many underprivileged students. How do you feel?

Many of my students have achieved their goal in life. They have successfully made their career. Now, they are placed in the US, the UK and in Delhi, Mumbai and in Odisha. After seeing this I feel that my dream has become successful.

In your life, you have faced many negative situations for Super 30 program.

I am of the opinion that finally, struggle pays off. Hurdles come on the way, but if you will continuously and dedicatedly put your effort, finally success comes to you.

What would you like to tell about Hrithik Roshan?

I am very much thankful to Hrithik Roshan Ji. I owe him for his perfect portrayal of my life and efforts in the film ‘Super 30’.

Director Vikas Bahl with Anand Kumar, on whom ‘Super 30’ is based and lead actor Hrithik Roshan Photo credit: Asianage.com
About ‘Super 30’

Super 30 is a program started in Patna by mathematics wizard Anand Kumar. The program selects 30 talented candidates each year from economically underprivileged sections of Indian society and trains them for the JEE.

Bollywood movie ‘Super 30’ earned Rs. 75.85 crore within the first 7 days of its release. Despite facing competition from ‘The Lion King’, the film is slowly inching towards the 100-Crore mark.

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