Covid positive Bollywood model-actor Ishika shares her ‘suicidal tendencies’

Guwahati: In an upsetting report, Bollywood actress and model Ishika Borah, who had tested positive for Covid-19 on June 24 and is undergoing treatment at a government hospital in central Assam’s Nagaon, has claimed that she is not getting any medical services and has expressed her “suicidal tendencies”.

Nagaon district Deputy Commissioner Jadav Saikia said that Borah has been undergoing treatment at the district government hospital for a few days after she was diagnosed with coronavirus.

“I am not aware of her complaints and lack of medical services in the hospital. You better talk to the doctors concerned,” Saikia told IANS over phone and gave a doctor’s contact number, but despite repeated calls, the doctor did not pick up the phone.

Borah, a famed model, who was featured on the cover of “Debonair” for four times, posted several tweets about the condition of the hospital and “negligence of the health staffs”.

“The hospital gives me cold water and food to have, and take bath which is spoiling my health more. The service is poor quality, unhygienic hospital, mosquitos have affected my body badly. I exercise at home, eat a healthy diet,” the 31-years-old model-actress said in her tweet.

In another tweet, she said: “I am knowledgeable about Covid-19 treatment cured by organic way. Turmeric warm water, vitamin-c, cucumber and tomatoes, Chawanvrash, Asawagandha, Giloy. This can heal and cure the initial stage of Covid. Pls help me, I am getting distressed and suicidal tendencies, because of depression now.”

She said in another tweet: “For this minor temperature, I could have taken care of myself in a more better way with organic medicines, herbs, soups, vitamin-c fruit etc. Dr and Nurse have never come to see us, so why (did) they kept us here.”

She said : “I live in Mumbai. I came to Assam to my home town. I had a mild temperature, but I could have quarantined at home for 14-days as per govt instructions.”

Media reports said that Borah was diagnosed with Covid-19 on June 24 when she had gone to visit her home town Nagaon in central Assam.

Borah has appeared in several international print shoots in Mauritius and Dubai and also took part in fashion shows for various Indian television channels.

(Inputs from IANS)

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