BTS Jungkook falls asleep during live, 6 million people watch it for 21 minutes

Jungkook came live on Weverse at 7 in the morning because he felt anxious and couldn't sleep, soon he fell asleep on cam

BTS’ maknae Jungkook has the cutest way to capture his fan’s attention. On Sunday, the artiste decided to go live on Weverse and converse with ARMYs, but couldn’t help but asleep mid-event. As many as six million people watched him sleep for at least 21 minutes.

Jungkook started the live on Weverse at 7 in the morning. Dressed in a black short-sleeved T-shirt, he was on his bed covered in white sheets. After talking for a bit he said, “If I fall asleep like this, the company will go crazy.”

He showed off his black pillow to the camera and talked a little. However, soon the singer fell asleep on camera. The live went on for 21 more minutes as almost 6 million people watched from their screens.

As expected ARMYs took the clips to their social media accounts and gushed over Kookie’s cuteness. One person wrote, “So we 6.6M (million) were literally with Jungkook in his bedroom on his bed… damnnnnnnnn this parasocial relationship is getting out of hands. Jungkook is unbelievable and i love it.”

“I am just feeling so proud that he trusted us and slept so peacefully,” wrote another.

A third user said, “Sometimes, home is a person. Comfort is a person. Happiness is in a form of person. and for me all these comes in a single person that is Jeon Jungkook. He will always remain my favourite comfort person.”

A fourth commented, “from showing us his noraebang room, kitchen, laundry even his underwear and now his bed. I think he wants to give us (army) the opportunity to see his house before his real gf later in his life.”

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