Britney Spears’ nude picture creates frenzy on the Internet, fans shows concern

After returning from her short social media break, Britney Spears shared a few days ago to share three throwback nude pictures of herself. The post is a part of her photo dump on Insta.

This was not the first time for the 40-year-old star to post something so controversial on social media. The singer has posted 12 nude photos of herself on Instagram so far.

On Monday, Britney posted 3 new nude photographs of her. According to the caption, the photos were taken in Mexico by her boyfriend Sam Asghari. She also mentioned that the pictures were from before she became pregnant.

Spears, who lost her baby today, took to her gram to share the heartbreaking news. Looking at her recent social media activities, fans have been worried about the singer’s well-being.

Britney’s fans are divided over these posts with some supporting her bold move while others are concerned for her.

According to a report in Daily Mail, while her loyal fans are worried about her mental health, a top psychologist has claimed that following the trauma of conservatorship, this could be a sign the star is trying to ‘regain control’ of her lost youth.

The eye-opening images, shared on Instagram by Britney Spears, shows her covering her naked breasts with her hands and using a love heart emoji to hide her genitals.

Immediately after the photos were posted, people flocked in to the comments section with their contradictory reactions. One person wrote, “This girl she is sick, she is crying for help” and another comment read, “I’m pretty sure that conservatorship was in place for a reason.”

However, some of her loyal fans defended her, one of whom is photographer and makeup artist Matt Bernstein. The artist took to his Twitter to post a screenshot of the of the critical comments and wrote, “I swear people forget that Britney was in a prison of her father’s design for the past 13 years. she missed the years when we were all terrible at Instagram and used those tacky in-app filters. she’s feeling herself. let her be.”

One Twitter user also pointed out that the reaction people are showing today is no where near the same when Kim Kardashian famously posed nude for Paper magazine back in 2014. Sharing nude side-by-side shots of Spears and Kardashian, the user wrote, “So Kim Kardashian can do this but Britney Spears can’t? And you all wanna call her crazy when she is doing the same thing all the other girls are doing? Make it make sense.”

Earlier on May 8, the ‘Toxic’ singer’s fiance Sam Asghari announced that the couple has selected a wedding date. He further wrote in his Instagram story that the big day has been set! But nobody will know until the day after.

Meantime, the ‘Toxic’ singer is mourning the death of her third child. Britney and Sam announced the miscarriage to the world with a heartbreaking note on their social media on Sunday morning.

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