‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’: Kritika Malik says she doesn’t feel free in the show, wants to go home

Mumbai: Following Vishal Pandey’s remarks about Armaan Malik’s second wife leading to physical violence on the controversial reality show, Kritika Malik said that she does not feel free anymore and wants to go home.

After Armaan’s second wife, Payal Malik, revealed Vishal’s statements about liking her, on ‘Weekend ka Vaar’, Kritika discussed the matter with Sana Makbul and Chandrika Dixit.

Kritika stated, “After getting to know what he said about me, I don’t feel free in the house anymore. I feel like going home. Everything feels different now, and I feel like I have to be conscious of my conduct around everyone.”

A promo shared by the channel on Jiocinema Premium depicted the aftermath, showing contestants Chandrika Dixit and Shivani Kumari in disagreement.

Chandrika asked Shivani in the promo, “Kal ka jo cheez hua jab tere saamne aaya tujhe kya lagta hai ke Vishal ne jo bhi kiya woh sahi hai (When you saw what happened yesterday, do you think whatever Vishal did was right?).”

To which Shivani replied, “No.”

“To fir tu uske saath uth baith kaisai rahi hai. Main tere pe paabandi nahi laga rahi par mera zameer gawah nahi de raha ki main us insaan ke saath baith jaaun. Kal humko koi thaapar maarke aapse acche se baat karega toh aap usse baat karoge? (Then why are you sitting and standing with him? I’m not imposing any restrictions on you, but my conscience doesn’t allow me to sit with that person. If someone slaps us and talks nicely to you tomorrow, will you talk to him?),” Chandrika, who is a close friend of Shivani, responded.

Shivani said, “Agar uske ek galti pe uski poori life khatam karde yeh toh nahi ho sakta hai.”

Vishal told Sana Makbul that after the slapping incident, he is feeling heavy from inside and that he is continuously thinking about it.

Sana suggested that he needs to release his emotions and that if a family member talked about what he said, maybe it “looked galat.”

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