‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’: Mahesh Bhatt reveals Pooja ran the house in struggling days

Mahesh opened up about his struggling days and how Pooja, played a significant role in supporting the family during those challenging times

Mumbai: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who entered the ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ house during the family week of the show, talked about his struggling days and shared how his eldest daughter ran the house.

Mahesh opened up about his struggling days, reminiscing how his movies were not finding success during that time. He then shared a heartwarming and inspiring tale of how his daughter, Pooja, played a significant role in supporting the family during those challenging times.

He revealed that during his struggling phase, Pooja stepped up and became the backbone of the family.

She took the initiative to pursue a modeling career and auditioned for numerous ads. Her efforts and success in the modeling world played a crucial role in running the household during those difficult days.

Mahesh then gave a word of advise to contestant Manisha Rani. He said to her ‘Is shor meh khamoshi ke maayne samjo’.

Upon Manisha’s request to seek advice on her career, Mahesh graciously imparted his invaluable wisdom.

He advised her to be true to herself, to bring out her essence, and to never pretend to be someone she’s not. His sincere guidance touched Manisha deeply, leaving her in tears.

Mahesh further encouraged Manisha, reminding her that this is just the beginning of her journey, and she has her entire future ahead of her. His words served as a reminder to act wisely and make the most of the opportunities that come her way.

The heartfelt conversation between Mahesh and Manisha exemplifies the mentorship and support that aspiring talents can receive from experienced industry figures. His advice to embrace authenticity and stay true to oneself resonates with aspiring artistes, encouraging them to stay grounded and navigate their careers with integrity.

Talking to Avinash Sachdev, Mahesh said that his relationship with Falaq Naaz was heartfelt, respectful, and warm. It felt so real.

Mahesh said: “Your relationship with Falaq was heartfelt, respectful, and warm. It felt so real. There was decency and genuineness in your bond, which made it connect with me.”

Mahesh’s words praise Avinash’s portrayal of emotions and his ability to bring authenticity to his roles as an actor. He acknowledges the depth and sincerity in Avinash’s relationship with Falaq, appreciating the heartfelt connection they share. His words reflect the genuine emotions that Avinash brings to his performances, making it relatable and impactful for the audience.

The show airs on Jio Cinema.

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