Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth, his ‘Aisi ladki’ and their ugly spat

Mumbai: The “Bigg Boss” house became ‘Sultani Akhada this weekend with contestants Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai indulging in massive fights, leading to violence, meltdown, mudslinging, hurling of abuses and a lot of drama. All this, over a comment — “aisi ladki” — and a counter question — “kaisi ladki?”

The drama over the comments symbolised the new low that the controversial reality TV show has plunged to, which left Rashami wailing and pushed Bollywood superstar and host Salman Khan to lose his cool and pass remarks like “What is wrong with you? Are you mad” to Rashami.

It all started when, earlier in the week, Sidharth asked Rashami if she is a “naukrani” of Asim Riaz. This happened when she intervened while the two were talking about a task. Rashami got agitated and eventually asked: “Tere ghar mein kaisi ladkiyaan hoti hain”. To which, Sidharth said: “Teri jaisi nahi hoti.” Rashami then asked: “Kaisi?”, and he responded saying: “Rashami Desai jaisi”.

The ensuing nasty fight that has broken out has kept the two housemates firmly in the limelight, sidelining all the others. The fight continued over the weekend, and it seems likely to go on, going by the promo of the upcoming episode.

Just before Salman joined them on the weekend, Sidharth, Rashami and Arhaan Khan got into another tussle. This time, Rashami called Sidharth a “gunda”, and reminded him that this wan’t his home.

Sidharth then got outright boorish, and told Rashami: “Tere jaisi ladkiyon ko apne ghar mein lena bandh kar diya”.

The raging fight turned ugly when a fuming Rashami threw tea on Sidharth, who retorted with the same gesture. Rashami’s boyfriend Arhaan, also a housemate, stepped in to protect her and was caught in the crossfire.

The result? Torn T-shirt, lots of abuses, and fresh threats.

All of which annoyed Salman no end. He asked the contestants to clear it out. Rashami went ballistic, and expressed her frustration over the comment with tears and abuses. There was a point when Sidharth angrily said: “Aisa kuch matt bol ki mera mooh khule”. She kept on repeating “Sir, mujhe jaanna hai ki mein kaisi ladki hun”.

Salman finally asked Sidharth to clear his statement, who said that “aisi ladki” meant that he did not want to be associated with a girl of Rashami’s type. Asked to define ‘Rashami type’, Sidharth said that he meant girls who backbite, conspire, play the ‘Girl Card’ and manipulate.

It lead to more abuses and crying, and Rashami insisted he was twisting his comments.

That’s when Salman lost his cool, and asked why Rashami wants to listen to the bad things said about her.

He explained that Sidharth had made it clear that he meant nothing bad, and then asked her to “let it go”. There was a moment when even he took a dig at the whole comment by saying that he will not allow “aise log” (referring to all the contestants) in the house.

Sidharth also took charge and explained his point that he treats everyone equally — irrespective of the gender, asserting that his image would get tarnished if he is accused this way.

Finally, Salman asked them to keep their personal issues aside. It is claimed by several reports that there was a time when Sidharth and Rashami used to date.

The “aisi ladki” drama is far from over, as Rashami will be seen locking horns with Aarti Singh for not standing up for her in the episode tonight. Aarti is rumoured to have dated Sidharth, too, a while back. What with another housemate, Shefali Jariwala, also having declared on the show that she has dated Sidharth, it can only be fireworks hereon.

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