‘Bhabhiji’ actress Charrul Malik to make her big-screen debut with ‘Dashmi’

Mumbai: Charrul Malik, who stars in ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’ and ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, said that she’s all excited about her upcoming Marathi feature film ‘Dashmi’, which will mark her big-screen debut.

Charrul said the film will be released next year and “I am playing a good role where my character’s name is also Charrul.” Explaining how it happened, she said: “I suggested to my director that I keep my name and he agreed happily.”

“We were shooting this film in Lucknow last month and there are some parts we are yet to complete. That will happen in Mumbai. In February, I’ll be shooting again. It’s a very big project, I can’t reveal more details but I’m very happy and excited,” Charrul added.

Talking about her journey as an actress, Charrul said: “My learnings as an actor so far is that the process is still on and that learning never stops. The difference between acting and anchoring is that in anchoring you are the director, producer, and scriptwriter. And in acting, you’ve to follow what has been told to you and expected from you,” she said.

On TV, there is not much scope for retakes, she explains, adding: “You have to do everything quickly as compared to film shoots. So as an actor I have learned that here you have to be spontaneous. Your grasping power, your skills, and your overall pace should be maintained because other actors are sharp in the comedy with whom you are working. So, I’ve to compete and match their level of acting.”

Charrul started her journey as an anchor and later moved towards acting. She says that she always tries to give her best and has learned to be more patient in life with her experience.

“I don’t know how successful I’m in doing that but I give my hundred percent and, also, I have learned that in acting you have to be very natural. You shouldn’t go overboard. And luckily my character is someone I don’t have to act out but be myself. So imagine playing a character where you have to be yourself and you don’t have to add on anything.”

“So, I think it’s very cool. I have learned patience because whenever we go on set and have a scene and we’re supposed to wait for 4-5 hours. I have learned patience because I’m very restless,” she concluded.

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