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An inspiring Hindi short film on menstruation

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. Women go through it every month. However, if the phenomenon gets started at a public place, the situation becomes too embarrassing for a girl. At that moment she really needs help and sympathy from others, especially from women. And, if she is a teen and has not much experience about how to deal with the situation, it becomes a tough job for her. Yet, there are people like ‘Pagal Bhaiya’ who may come to your help. This is all about the Hindi short film ‘Pagal Bhaiya’.

The Hindi short film is the maiden attempt of Odia man Prashant Padhi as a director. He has been cast as an actor in a few Odia films while two of her acted films are in the pipeline.

Prashant in 'Pagal Bhaiya'

The plot of ‘Pagal Bhaiya’

Two schoolgirls are seen leaning to the bonnet of a car. When owner of the car, the Pagal Bhaiya notices them, he initially yells at them as they are obstructing his way by standing in front of his car. However, as he comes near and asks the girls to go away he notices that one of the girls has faced menstruation.

Pagal Bhaiya, the protagonist of the film, changes his mind and tries to help the girl in distress. He visualizes that if he would not help the girl and would drive them out they would leave and people on the street will enjoy and smile to her miserable condition.

He consoles the girls and tries to get help from the commuters but in vain. As he could not manage to get the help he finally stands right in front of a Scooty. The rider, a girl starts yelling at him. Not worried by whatever the girl says, Pagal Bhaiya takes out the key from the vehicle and starts running. The girl chases him asking for the key.

After a short while, both of them reach near the girls. Pagal Bhaiya asks the girl to help the schoolgirl as she is in distress. Seeing the odd condition of the girl, the Scooty girl wants to help out. She asks the protagonist to get some medical kit and a healthy sanitary pad. The guy immediately brings the gears from a nearby medicine shop and asks the girls to proceed to a public toilet ‘Sulabh Souchalaya’. The three go to the toilet and return with smiles on their faces as everything is cool now.


The two school girls thank and hug Pagal Bhaiya. In return, he explains them about menstruation process. They leave the spot. Now, the Scooty girl calls him Pagal and asks for the key of her Scooty. He hands over the key and begs excuse for troubling the girl and in return, the girl says ‘It’s Okay’.

Hindi short film ‘Pagal Bhaiya’ is an awareness film beautifully explained through interesting fiction. The film is worth watching. The film has been named after the protagonist ‘Pagal Bhaiya’.

A scene from 'Pagal Bhaiya'

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Credits of ‘Pagal Bhaiya’:
  • Actors: Prasanta, Reshma, Chinu, Sonu, Shiva, Kalyani, Aiswarya, Bulu, Sagar, Bishnupriya, Rajashree, Ruthsree, and Kishore
  • Camera: Zulu and Gedhu
  • Editor: Sarada Patra & Prasanta
  • Dubbing: Pintu Bhai (Sound Waves)
  • Producer: Priyanranjan Nayak
  • Director, Story, DOP: Prasanta
About the director

Director of ‘Pagal Bhaiya’ Prasanta Padhi has 8  short films, seven vines, two music albums, and 2 unreleased feature films to his credit. In his upcoming films Aie Ama Prema Kahani and Jungleraaj, he has played negative roles. Directed by Rabindra Pradhan the two films are being made by Sun Music.

Talking to Kalinga TV portal Prashant said, “‘Pagal Bhaiya’ is my dream project. I am feeling satisfied after the release of the film as this is a film to aware people.”

Asked why he wanted to make the film in Hindi Prashant intimated that it has been done so that the film can be watched by more number of audiences and more people can be awarded.

– Himanshu Guru

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