Amitabh Bachchan: Life a continuous repair job

Mumbai: Life never gives up and urges one to never give up easily. Thats the quality of life, says Amitabh Bachchan.

The Bollywood veteran, who was not long ago discharged from a Mumbai hospital, has penned his thoughts about life on his blog. He has mentioned how a person has to undergo struggles daily, notwithstanding obstacles like “the filth, the dirt the slush the rain and heat” and still survive to keep fighting the next because life is “a continuous repair job”.

His blog post reads: “Life a continuous repair job..”

“Each day dawns and there is expectation of what lies ahead, what trials to face , what holds there , in the unknown and what be the desire to overcome or accept it .. and eventually the revelation that indeed it was merely a WIP and one that was being attended to because it needed repair.. resolve.. remedy..”

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“Defeated and defused the day ends.. for, the undertaken job has yet to be complied with.. to be brought to completion.. to be brought to its end.. and the realisation that there are no endings.. that ‘ending’ is too distant to be seen heard or believed..”

“ you muster your way through.. the filth, the dirt the slush the rain and heat and all else.. BUT.. you survive to fight the next.. that is the quality of life.. it never gives up.. and urges to never give up either.. urge.. quality.. repair.. live”.

Amitabh Bachchan has also started counting the number of days left for a new year to begin, as 2019 draws to an end.

He took to Twitter to write: “Just 43 days left for the Year ‘two thousand nineteen’ to end.. AND not till we are alive will we be saying ‘teen’ again to announce a Year.. for a very long time.. !!”


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