Amitabh Bachchan buys 50 Oxygen Concentrators From Poland, Donates Ventilators To BMC

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan has blogged about how he purchased 50 oxygen concentrators from Poland and donated ventilators to BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

“I have to, in deepest gratitude thank profusely the Govt., of Poland, the Mayor of the City of Wroclaw, the Ambassador of India at Warsaw and the LOT Polish Airlines for their very gracious gesture towards me. The general call from the places that were in need of help had been for the urgent need of Oxygen Concentrators. These are and were difficult to procure and when I was not getting any immediate source to acquire them my friend and the Indian Consul in Wroclaw stepped forward,” Bachchan wrote in his latest blog entry, late on Thursday.

He further wrote: “…He came to know of my work in the procurement of Concentrators and came out with the name and details of a Polish Company that was making them and that were being exported to various parts of the World, and whether this could be one of the sources for my need. I immediately placed an order for 50 Oxygen Concentrators, which were blocked for me by him, since the equipment was in short supply and was being manufactured and sold out rather rapidly. So I have bought 50 concentrators and they shall be shipped out on the 15th of May.”

“Oxygen Concentrators, have also been ordered from another source and about 60 of them should be coming in in a few days,” he further informed in his blog post.

Big B has also written about donating ventilators to BMC.

He mentioned in his blog post: “Then the need for Ventilators has been equally acute. The BMC the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation when I said I wished to donate something for the cause, told me to not give money, but to get them Ventilators. This has been an arduous task as well, but luckily another Agency has stepped forward and is helping me with my order. I had ordered 20 ventilators, 10 of which have arrived to day and I am happy that I was able to deliver them to the BMC and a few Municipal Hospitals in Mumbai today. The balance 10 should be in by the 25th and they shall also be distributed to some more Hospitals in need of them.”

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