Allu Arjun welcomes Instagram inside his home, shares BTS video from Pushpa 2 sets

In a friendly greeting to Instagram viewers, he stated, "Hi Instagram, namaste. Today, I will take you to the sets of Pushpa 2: The Rule.

National Film Award winner Allu Arjun, the renowned Telugu actor, recently invited fans into his world, offering an exclusive peek into his home and the filming of his upcoming movie, “Pushpa 2: The Rule.”

The captivating video tour commenced with Allu Arjun leading the way into his residence, unveiling his collection of trophies, his personal office space, and more. In a friendly greeting to Instagram viewers, he stated, “Hi Instagram, namaste. Today, I will take you to the sets of Pushpa 2: The Rule, but before that, I will take you to my home where I start my chill morning.”

The video continued with scenes of Allu Arjun wandering through a lush garden, engaging in meditation on a cozy sofa, and showcasing his inviting pool area. After a refreshing cup of coffee, he embarked on a journey to the iconic Ramoji Film City.

En route to the film sets, he made a heartwarming phone call to his family, and his two children joyfully answered. Upon arriving at the sets, the actor was greeted by hundreds of enthusiastic fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved star.

He took a moment to interact with his dedicated fans before retreating to his vanity van to prepare for the day’s shoot. In the process, he selected his costume, including his woodcutter’s axe, and settled into the makeup chair. Transforming into his “Pushpa” character, his prosthetic scar was applied, and his hair was styled to match the iconic Pushpa look.

Instagram shared the delightful video, emphasising the unique bond Allu Arjun shares with his fans. The caption reads, “Before heading to set, actor @alluarjunonline (Allu Arjun) needs a chillllll morning. Understandably. ‘Fans in India are different from the rest of the world. You have to see it. I can’t explain.’”

The video showcases Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad and the filming location for “Pushpa 2: The Rule.” The studio also serves as a special gathering place for fans who eagerly await a chance to meet their hero before filming begins.

Allu Arjun expressed his deep appreciation for his fans, acknowledging, “They play a huge part in my motivation. It’s their love that makes me push my boundaries, and I want to make them really proud — like, more proud and more proud.”


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Despite coming from a family with a three-decade legacy in the film industry and having starred in numerous Indian films, Allu Arjun believes that “Pushpa” is his most significant project to date. He admires the character’s resilience, stating, “If there’s one thing about Pushpa that I really like, it’s his never-give-up character.”

Allu Arjun had previously unveiled the first look poster for “Pushpa 2” in April, following the success of the first installment, which earned him the prestigious Best Actor National Film Award.

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