Adipurush: Nepal bans all Indian films amid dialogue controversy

Nepal, has banned the release of Indian films after the capital's mayor raised concerns about the film Adipurush's depiction of Sita.

Bollywood actors Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan star in the film Adipurush, which is facing considerable backlash in India. And now Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has banned the release of Indian films after the capital’s mayor raised concerns about the film Adipurush’s depiction of Sita.

According to reports, the mayor of Kathmandu, Balen Shah, reportedly issued a ban on all Indian films in the Kathmandu Metropolitan Area and deployed police to ensure that no Indian films are shown in metropolitan theatres.

Balen Shah has previously questioned the Adipurush’s depiction of Sita. He objected to the fact that Sita was referred to as the “daughter of India” while in reality, she was the “daughter of Nepal.” According to reports, the makers of Adipurush also made changes to the movie in order to address the issues that Nepal politicians had.

“If the movie is allowed to be telecast in other areas and abroad by prohibiting the performance of anti-national films within the Kathmandu Metropolitan area, then it is prohibited to perform any Indian movie in Kathmandu Metropolitan from tomorrow until objectionable portions are removed from the movie,” Balen Shah said in a Facebook post.

Earlier, the sensor board of Nepal certified Adipurush after the controversial dialogue on Sita was removed by T-Series, but the release of the film stalled in Nepal.

This isn’t the only issue Adipurush has: audiences in India have criticised the film for poor visual effects, offensive dialogue, and subpar acting from the actors. Additionally, the issue is gaining political traction, with Congress and other opposition parties blaming the BJP and other right-wing organisations for their silence regarding the film.

Despite all these, the film is doing great business and has already earned more than Rs 200 crore worldwide. Produced by T-Series, Retrophiles, and UV Creations, the film also stars Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh (Ravana), Sunny Singh as Shesh (Lakshman), and Devdutta Nage as Bajrang (Hanuman).

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