Komodo dragon eats turtle and then wears it like hat: Watch viral video

An old video which has surfaced recently is making the rounds on internet that shows a komodo dragon moving on the beach wearing a turtle like a hat. A Twitter user named ‘Fascinating’ posted the video on social media site Twitter that largely fascinated netizens.

The post was captioned as, “A komodo dragon ate a turtle and then wore it like a hat.”

As per reports, the said video is not new rather it had been first posted back in 2019. However, after getting circulated again lately the video has so far earned 1408 re-tweets, 9169 likes and 238 quote tweets.

The post has earned interesting comments. A user wrote, “Yesterday Nature’s sun shield. Won’t he be happy when Biden dims the sun for us.” Another user commented, “He was eating him inside the shell, not wearing it as hat!!” while a user termed it as a, “Predator..”

Another user explained, “Komodo dragons are viscous .Saw 1 live in a special exhibit in the Chicago Field M’usm.They had a giant glasscase made to recreate the landscape&it wasn’t perturbed during viewing.But they had to cover the glass case before feeding time so it wouldn’t attack the caretakers.”

And a user quipped, “wonder if komodo fight against polar bear, which one will becomes a winner?”

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