You might get Rs 10 crore if you have this one rupee coin

People who want to earn quick money and that too in crores have a great opportunity especially for those who have the passion of collecting old coins and currency notes. They can earn the money by simply sitting at home if they have this particular one rupee coin.

According to a report, a one rupee coin was sold for Rs 10 crore at an auction recently. This must sound strange and may surprise some. But it is true.

As per the media reports, the rare one rupee coin was issued in India in 1885 during the British rule.

You also might become crorepati by selling the one rupee coin. For this, you have to create your profiles on different websites so that you can sell such coins. CoinBazar is one of such websites where users can register and give basic details such as name, address, email, phone number and more.

You also have to upload a clear picture of the particular coin to sell on CoinBazar. People, who want to buy the coin, will contact you after the company (CoinBazar) features your advertisement.

After getting calls for the Indian coin, you can negotiate with the caller and fix your deal.

Notably, a 1933 US coin was sold for $18.9 million (i.e. Rs. 138 crore) during an auction in New York in June this year.

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