You can earn 5 lakh rupees sitting at home if you have 2 rupee coin, here’s how

Do you want to earn quick cash from your home? You can earn Rs 5 lakh by sitting at home. Actually, nowadays there has been circulation of old notes and coins has increased a lot. By putting the old and rare currency notes and coins on sale on different websites people are earning lakhs of rupees.

Today here we are going to tell you that you can become a millionaire within a minute by selling certain types of coins.

The Rs 2 coin needs to be a 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2000 series coin. You can earn Rs 5 lakh in exchange of this coin.

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Know how and where to sell the Rs 2 coin:

  • First of all register yourself on Quickr as an online seller.
  • Then click a photo of the rare and old Rs 2 coin and upload it on site.
  • After uploading the photo, provide your details like address, mobile number, and email address, which will be verified by the website.
  • If any person wants to buy the old Rs 2 coin will contact you directly. Thereafter, you can finalize the deal and sell your coin according to the terms of payment and delivery.

(Note: This is a piece of information issued in the public interest and we have nothing to do with the transactions affairs. Please Google for further details)

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  1. Vijay says

    I have 2 rupees coin of 2000

  2. Morshed says

    I have half pice coin of Victoria regime 1887 year

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