World’s Largest Freshwater Fish Caught In Cambodia

Researchers claim the Stingray to be the biggest freshwater ever found with an average weight of 300kg (661 lb).

Cambodian villagers on the banks of Mekong River found the world’s largest freshwater fish ever recorded, a stingray weighing 300 kg, according to the researchers, bringing a dozen men ashore.

The Stingray is compared to “Christened Boramy” meaning “full moon” in the Khmer language owing to its huge rotund configuration. The 4 metre (13-foot) long lady was liberated back to the waters of Mekong after being electronically tagged by the scientists to monitor her movement and behaviour.

Biologist and ex-host of the “Monster Fish” show on the National Geographic Channel ‘Zeb Hogan’ who is now a part of conservation project on the river finds this new to be extremely exciting as it was the world’s biggest freshwater fish and it is a healthy sign that these huge fishes are still found and the banks of Mekong is still safe.

This Stingray, caught last week off Koh Preah island along the stretch of Mekong in Northern Cambodia picked up the record from a 293kg huge catfish caught then in Northern Thailand in 2005.

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