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World Photography Day: How to take great images using various iPhone camera modes

New Delhi: Smartphones with next-gen sensor technology threaten the existence of entry-level cameras and even DSLRs and top Indian lensmen said on the occasion of World Photography Day on Friday that an amateur person can achieve great images on iPhones with some training and perspective.

Mumbai-based photographer Apeksha Maker said that with iPhones, shoot as much as you can on the go, take advantage of the powerful tool in your pocket and you never know what you will create.

Co-founder of House of Pixels, she works on bridging the gap between commercial and conceptual photography.

According to her, the new iPhone series can capture life under any kind of lighting conditions.

On her image of sunset at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, she told IANS that sunsets are a magical time to shoot.

“While I was shooting the sunset on the beach I saw some surfers walking back. I patiently waited for the surfer to reach closer to the shore and took a few photographs. I shot this on the live mode on the iPhone 11 Pro Max,” Apeksha added.

Another stunning picture she clicked is of the National Museum of Qatar, Doha, taken on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

“The structure is iconic to Doha’s skyline. There is already so much happening in the structure, I wanted to capture shapes within it and simplify it. I explored different focal lengths on my iPhone for this. This particular image was shot on the primary lens,” she informed.

She said that to get the best shot, tap to focus and adjust your exposure by holding the tap and moving your finger up or down.

“This will give you sharper images. By adjusting the exposure effectively you can make an ordinary image dramatic. Play with perspectives, move around and explore different angles,” the ace photographer noted.

Prashanth Vishwanathan, a street photographer and a photojournalist, also shot picturesque landscapes on the mountains in India, capturing the beauty of Joshimath in Uttarakhand through the lens of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In settings on iPhone 13 Pro Max, turn on the macro control and you will have a small yellow flower icon on your camera app when the macro is enabled.

“Go close to subjects and explore different textures and details. For a different take, try macro on the 0.5x lens,” Apeksha advised.

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