Worker Bathes In Tub Filled With Milk At Dairy Plant, Arrested After Video Goes Viral

Bhubaneswar: In a shock to netizens, a viral video emerged on the social media where a worker of a dairy plant was seen taking a bath in a vat of milk.

In the short video it can be seen that a man was sitting in a huge cauldron full of milk and he is using it to wash his head with a mug.

The video is of Turkey dairy plant. The viral footage was shared in the video-sharing app TikTok and the video has gone viral in different social media platforms.

Watch the video here:

The plant was shut down after the footage emerged online of a worker taking a dip in a vat of milk.

As per reports of Hurriyet Daily News, the viral video was recorded at a dairy plant in the Central Anatolian province of Konya.

The man taking a milk bath was identified as Emre Saya and the video was recorded and uploaded on TikTok by Ugur Turgut. Both of them have been arrested after the video went viral.

The company and the duo  were criticized badly on social media as it quickly spread across different platforms.

The company terminated its contract with Turgut after the incident and explained that the white liquid is not milk but a mixture of water and a cleaning fluid which is used to wash their boilers

The company claimed that Turgut used the video in an attempt to defame their name.

Konya Agriculture and Forestry Manager Ali Ergin launched an investigation into the incident and shut down the factory and also issued a fine “due to circumstances that put human health at risk”.

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