Woman Rents Her Husband To Cover Her High Living Expenses!

Woman decides to rents out her spouse for a little bit extra money as a response to the growing expense of living. After hearing a podcast about a man who earned a living constructing flat-pack furniture for others, Laura Young, who lives in the Buckinghamshire town of Bletchley with her husband James and three children, developed the idea.
Laura has therefore decided to contract out her DIY-obsessed husband after noticing a similar viewpoint. The family home has apparently already undergone major renovations, including the creation of new beds, the installation of a kitchen, and the construction of a brand-new dining table. He also knows how to tile, paint, decorate, and put in carpets.

Woman Employs Her Husband
He is adept at all home and garden-related tasks. “Rent My Handy Husband,” a website Laura launched, ran ads on Nextdoor and Facebook.

She was shocked by the number of answers she got. She said that people were genuinely intrigued. Others misunderstood and thought she was using James for a completely different purpose.

The former warehouse night shift worker finds the role to be excellent after being forced to leave his job two years ago to help Laura with his three children, two of whom are autistic. His autistic spectrum diagnosis has been confirmed, but Laura went on to claim that this only makes him more diligent and skilled at each DIY project he embarks on.

His present task at home is to construct a kitchen for the summer. The typical hire fee for a home is about £35, and no job is too little, according to Laura. It may only involve something as simple as hanging a TV, installing blinds, or painting a fence.

“Most people think it’s amazing,” she continued. They claim that because builders are uninterested in small works, it can be difficult to get them to provide quotes. James is ideal for tasks like assembling flat-pack furniture, mounting trampolines, constructing shelving, and installing items.

According to Laura, there are instances when sending someone in to do a task that “women” feel like they have been waiting on their husbands to finish for a very long time can be quicker and easier. She based her idea on the fact that these tasks are ignored when life gets in the way.

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