What’s the meaning of different colour milestones near Highways in India

You must have seen milestones on the National Highway, State Highway or any road while travelling. The milestones indicates the distance to a place. But, have you ever noticed that the milestones are painted in different colours. For example, some some milestones are black or orange in color, while others are in yellow or green colour. So, why are the milestone have different colours and what’s the meaning of these colours.

What we all know is that these milestones are put to tell the common people and drivers walking by road to tell the distance to the coming cities or any other place.

Yellow Milestone Meaning

You must have seen a yellow colour milestones on the side of the road, these milestones indicate that you are currently travelling on a National Highway. The Yellow color milestones is used for National Highway. National Highways are those roads whose construction and maintenance is done by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). The National Highways are generally named like NH 24, NH 8, NH 6 in the country.

Green Milestone Meaning

If you see a green color milestone on a milestone, then that road is a state highway. That means the road’s construction and maintenance is done by the state government. The state highway are usually used to go to different cities.

Black, blue or white Milestones Meaning

If you see Black, Blue and White Milestone milestones on the side of the road, it means that you have entered a major city or district. The responsibility of the construction and maintenance of these roads comes under the Municipal Corporation of the city.

Orange Milestone Meaning

On the other hand, the orange color milestone means that you are travelling on village roads. Actually, these orange colored strips are also associated with Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

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