What is Hyper independence ? Know how this condition can affect your life

Becoming too self-reliant, to the point where you avoid showing any vulnerability, is known as ‘hyper-independence.’

Being independent is a wonderful feeling. It is even a healthy means of expressing oneself. However, it is crucial to maintain a balance in certain aspects. Becoming too self-reliant, to the point where you avoid showing any vulnerability, can be harmful. This condition of extreme ‘self-reliance’ is known as ‘hyper-independence.’

Hyper independence is a condition which might make you feel that you are in control, but it can lead to problems in relationships and personal growth. In extreme conditions, it can even make you feel isolated. In case you find yourself avoiding taking any kind of help, and not feeling any vulnerability, you might be dealing with hyper independence.

One very common trait of this condition is avoiding asking for help of any kind, even when it is really needed. At some point of time in life, we all need help from others which is a pretty natural part of life. However, ‘hyper-independent’ individuals struggle with seeking assistance.

These individuals also resist dependency to an extreme percent. It is to be strongly noted that while some amount of self-reliance is healthy, extreme of this can have some adverse impacts on your life as well.

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Another sign of hyper independence is hiding vulnerable emotions. People dealing with this condition tend to keep their emotions hidden. They fear that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. If not dealt with in time, this can lead to emotional outbursts of extreme emotions later on.

Additionally, people dealing with hyper-independence have a strong need for taking control in every situation. This can often lead them to withdraw from situations where they might have to give up some control or adjust with others’ opinions.

It is essential to find a balance between being independent and asking for help, as and when required. Remember that seeking assistance or showing vulnerability are not signs of weakness. Rather, they are part of being a normal human and building relationships. Extreme self-reliance can harm personal growth as well. Recognizing these signs is an important factor in order to maintain overall well-being.

Therapist Carolyn Rubenstien took to her instagram to impart some knowledge to the netizens about this condition called ‘hyper-independence.’ Take a look:

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