Your weekly Horoscope from June 28-July 4, Check Astrology prediction for your Zodiac Sign

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for June 28-July 4.


This week, there will be an improvement in your financial situation and it will start coming back on track. It will help you emerge from losses in the past. You may face some problems with seniors in the workplace. A long-pending wish may get fulfilled this week. This will be a period of mixed results for lovers. If you are making efforts to get married, a new relationship is likely to materialize. Your relations with your offspring will remain harmonious. Students will have to put in a lot of extra effort. Keep your ego and arrogance aside. Some unexpected guests are expected to arrive at your house this week. Health issues relating to chest should not be ignored.

Tip of the week: Keep your ego and arrogance aside


You are likely to remain stressed this week. There will be excessive workload on the professional front. Avoid getting into arguments with colleagues else your reputation may be impacted. You will get favourable results on the monetary front. It is a good time to invest in a real estate project. Your family life will remain pleasant, but there could be some differences with your life partner. Those in a relationship can plan to move to the next level. Take care of your health as cold, cough and seasonal infections may grip you. Students will get excellent results in their studies. Your children will perform well in their academic life.

Tip of the week: Excess workload on the cards


All the hindrances that you were facing in the past will be eradicated during this week and you will be able to complete your pending work. There will be some excess pressure on you due to workload but you will be able to cope up with everything through your plans and strategies. This week you will make monetary gains. You may feel sad and anxious about your future during the middle of the week. Constant disagreement with younger members of the household will create a sense of frustration in your mind. You may have to additionally cope with increasing expenditure. The end of the week will bring gains and you will feel happy and relaxed.

Tip of the week: Control your expenses


This week you will have gains in your job. You should utilize spare time to upgrade your skills and explore your true potential. You are likely to intensify your efforts to make money. An official trip is possible. There will be no obstacles in government-related tasks. Your ability to persuade others will help you maintain family peace this week. Your relations with your life partner will become harmonious. You are likely to remain worried due to issues relating to your children. Students may get distracted and are prone to waste their time in unproductive activities. Your immune system will remain weak at this time, so take due precautions.

Tip of the week: Upgrade your skills


This week you will enjoy a positive stroke of luck. Your pending tasks will get completed. There will be advancement in your career, but you are advised not to lose your patience or make any decision in haste. Do not let success go to your head. While there will be no dearth of comforts, you are advised to save for a rainy day. Take care of your parents’ health. The middle of the week may bring professional problems. Your spouse will help you to make gains. The end of the week will give you financial gains and an additional source of income may emerge. Those students who are dreaming of going abroad, this time will prove to be particularly fruitful.

Tip of the week: Don’t take hasty decisions


This week you are likely to struggle with health problems. You should avoid working more than your capacity, because your body’s resistance towards stress and fatigue will remain a little weak. This will be a positive week for salaried people. You may receive some new job offer. Traders should look forward to a moderate period for profits. All types of property-related transactions done by you in the past are likely to be completed this week. Your family life will remain blissful. Your spouse can witness a job change in their life which will improve your mutual relations. Do not lend money to anybody towards the end of the week.

Tip of the week: Do not overexert yourself


You are likely to remain confident about your work. This week shall bring excellent gains for businesspeople. For salaried people, this will be an average week. Those in a government job are likely to get the desired transfer along with promotion this week. Do not get into a debate or discussion with your seniors. The middle of the week may bring problems on account of health issues and excessive workload. You may also have to incur some additional expenses. Your relations with your brother will improve further. However, the health of someone in the family can deteriorate which can cause stress. A short-distance trip is possible.

Tip of the week: Plan a short trip


This week you are likely to get hassled on account of health-related issues. There will be excessive running around for work which will increase your stress. Salaried people are likely to get moderate results. Some of you can receive new opportunities relating to a foreign country. Your financial standing will remain good and your investments will remain productive. There will be some problems between you and your life partner in your conjugal life. A short visit to a relative’s place can prove to be very relaxing during the busy days with a tight work schedule. During this time, you will be able to give enough time to your family.

Tip of the week: Spend time with family


Keep motivating yourself to move towards your goals. This week, there will be an improvement in your financial life. As a result, you will be able to repay pending bills and debts. However, avoid giving or lending your money to anyone. Also, avoid getting into any legal matter, else it can lead to financial loss. All your work will get cleared in the workplace without any hurdles. If you were facing any illness in the past, then it will be fully recovered. This will be a favourable week for matters of heart and love. Those married will receive support of their spouse, while single persons can enter into a new love relationship.

Tip of the week: Motivate yourself


Do not get bogged down by negative thoughts this week. Recharge yourself through some recreational activity and come back fresh. With this, you will not only be able to think well and creatively, but your health as well as your work capacity will also improve. If any matter concerning money or land has been sub judice, there are possibilities that the same will come in your favour. This will help your financial position to get back on track. Traders may incur losses this week due to a past investment. Your mother will get rid of a prolonged disease and this may make you spend more and more time with her. Health issues relating to mouth can bother you.

Tip of the week: Avoid negative thoughts


This week, you could feel restless at times which can lead to frustration. You are likely to receive good news on the work front. The week shall bring excellent gains for businesspeople. You will manage to tap into an extra source of income. Benefit from insurance is indicated as well. You will spend quality time with your spouse. Your father’s health can cause some worry and necessary medical attention may be required. Those in a relationship can plan to tie the knot. Students may face problems in understanding their lessons or subjects. You can face issues relating to the respiratory system. Breathing exercises will be of great help.

Tip of the week: New relationship on the cards


This week, you will not get expected gains from past investments. If you work with appropriate plans, you can double your profit in a short span of time. Your colleagues’ and seniors’ support will prove beneficial in the workplace. You will make gains on account of your father. You could be upset due to the unexpected behaviour of your spouse. You need to move calmly towards your objectives without boasting about your skills and abilities. Do not blindly trust anyone and do not reveal your cards in front of everyone. Many students will demonstrate better performance in their academics as well as other activities. Do not give in to lethargy.

Tip of the week: Do not trust others blindly

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