Weekly Horoscope from January 2- January 8, Check prediction

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for December 2-8.


You need to work extra hard this week in order to prove yourself at work. Your busy schedule will keep you occupied so much that you won’t be able to give time to your loved ones. You are highly motivated right now and are willing to take risks hoping to rise and shine. Your high energy will help you run faster in the race of life, but don’t tire yourself. Balance your energies throughout the week or you may easily get exhausted. You might see a change in people’s behavior at the workplace and are likely to make mistakes, don’t beat yourself, it’s a part of life and everyone goes through it.


Conflicts and misunderstandings are pretty natural, Taurus. It happens to all. Whatever it is, it is not worth losing an old friend or colleague. What stops you from resolving the issue or apologizing? You may regret it if you let them go this time, so better keep your ego aside for this time. Financial matters are likely to get resolved this week, if you are a job seeker then you are up for relief. The time will bring you more confidence in your abilities. It is time to socialize and add to your contact list as the people you meet during this time can later prove to be of great help.


Keep doing what you’re doing, cause it’s working. Your talent and diligence are finally being recognized. You may even hear about an interesting opportunity. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed at the workplace and you may receive even more attention than before. If you are a student appearing for an exam or applying to study overseas, the time is in your favor. The time has finally come for you to shine, so stop hiding in the shadows. Lastly, if you’ve been ignoring your health for a while, now is a good phase to get back to your fitness goals.


You are constantly losing your patience and easily getting frustrated, Cancer. Although you are trying your best to hide it, your eyes tell it all, and people around you can totally feel your rage. Ask yourself what’s bothering you and make a change. Remember anger needs release, but it’s always better to do it non-violently. If you keep repressing the feeling, it will only make you sick. This might even be hampering your concentration, whether at home or at work. In personal relationships, it’s best to stay open and vocal about your feelings. Stop beating around the bush, and let others help you. Be clear about what you want without any expectations.


There may be tension brewing around you. You can either hit a rock or have it pass by you, you need to be careful. Being brave is ok, that’s in your nature, but choosing a safe side is smarter. Although no one will directly tell you anything, the energy around you might make you feel low. Do not allow anyone to put you down. Refuse to take unconstructive criticism. Concentrate on yourself and find your inner fire, let it ignite and help you glow even in darkness. In personal relationships, someone may act cool or distant. Give them their space and you claim yours. It’s time to re-look your diet and see what can be done to boost it.


It’s time to show the world your true potential, Virgo. But while you do that, don’t forget to show thank your team or people who have made you who are. Past financial difficulties are likely to solve during this time. On emotional terms, if you have found someone special, know that you are off to a good start. Success is sweet and well deserved, but it increases happiness when shared with someone. Don’t sulk up with your good fortune all alone, maybe share it with someone who needs it. Your health might face some ups and downs so make sure to eat right. Family and friends will impart wisdom in you, don’t avoid them. Love is never what you say, but what you do.


Dear Libra, it’s time to take a break. You may find yourself too tired to think and physically drained. Take a few days off, just to relax and recharge. If you and your partner are facing problems in your relationship or fighting too much, then ask for some space. Now is not the right time to make decisions, instead step back and take a look at your life objectively. Try spending time with kids or spend some time with your creative side, as it will help your mind get back in track as it will remind you of life’s simple joys. Money matters go smoothly but there is a feeling within that you could be doing more with your time.


Time is running out, Scorpio. Stop wondering around, its time to work on yourself. It’s time to make a life changing decision. Your fear is keeping you back, try to fight it. Good days are ahead of you, but you need to push yourself to reach there. The more you delay, the bigger the chance of missing a wonderful opportunity. Single Scorpions can expect to be wooed by an admirer or two! You might decode a secret or find a stash of money hidden in your cupboard. Come out of your comfort zone, workout and give importance to your health, get that makeover; in short TAKE CHARGE!


The beautiful thing about you is that whatever you do, be it your job, or preparing food, or tending to your plants, – you do it straight from the heart. People who understand you, appreciate you for your authenticity. If you have got the creativity in you, then why hide it within? Let your singing, dancing and all jolly side take up on you once again. This is the right time to let go off toxic relationships and bad habits. Move on and look forward to appreciating the kind of bonding that will make you less worry about break ups. Currently, it is best to just keep calm and go with the flow.


Make efforts to find peace within yourself this week, as anxiety is likely to increase causing your energy get a little off balance. Your health requires your attention. Maybe you have a injury already, the ailment may require medical treatment. Don’t ignore it now, as providing yourself the right treatment now will help you save a lot of bother later on. At work, you are probably not satisfied and it would lead you to consider a new line of business or changing industries. Try to avoid lying to your friends and family, even if it’s a white lie, it can cause trouble in relationships. Expenses will be sudden, and it will take you by surprise.


You have a lot of big dreams that you want to come true, Aquarius. It’s time to start working on them in private to boost your self-esteem. Step by step, you will be able to make huge changes for yourself into the future. Remember to work in silence and let your success make the noise. You don’t need any bad vibes ruining your positivity. Weekend brings the possibility of break ups, taking you further into solitude. However, think before taking a decision. Either are either ending things in order to move on or you’re just being self destructive. Learn your feelings before you call things off. Be careful of the sacrifices you make, coz’ later the result might not be satisfying.


Your friends always have your back, Pisces. Extending calls to your closest friends could help you in many aspects. Whether it is to get a new possible or finding yourself a new apartment, don’t shy out from asking. Letting your friends help you can lead to better things in your life. As the busy holiday season is over, the weekend is a great time to contact your friends and catch up with them. Hangout and have fun together, even if it is for just a cup of coffee. This is also an ideal time to make new friends and acquaintances. They could become important to you later. Either way, just have fun and enjoy it.

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