Toddler tries to eat biscuit wearing facemask

New Delhi: A hilarious video of a Chinese girl who is trying to eat a biscuit while wearing a facemask in Anhui province of the country has gone viral on social media.

The adorable video was shared on YouTube, one of the leading media outlet of Hong Kong with the caption, “Girl tries to eat biscuit with face mask on in China.”

The video captures the little girl munching on a biscuit – without realising she has a face mask on and then looking puzzled as she doesn’t quite taste anything.

As the post went viral, it has amused millions of people and social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, “That’s adorable, hopefully she can stay corona free. If only cuteness was the vaccine….”

Another wrote, “In this situation is sad but i can’t hold my smile cos her cuteness.”

A post read, “Hey look this little one is trying to eat her biscuit with her mask on see it as cute and adorable and she will be ok and I wish her family health and strength and a little happiness goes a long way.”

“Hahaha, how does this little girl face this video when she grows up? What a lovely little girl” a user remarked.

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