Watch: Man Proposes To Girlfriend While Skydiving

Now days people have come up with unique ideas to propose to their partners. Recently a video of one such proposal has gone rounds in the social media, when a man is seen proposing his girlfriend for marriage at a height of thousands of feet.

Ray, an adventure sports enthusiast and pilot, surprised his partner Katie when he proposed to her mid-air. But the most exciting part of the video is that the man carried the ring in his mouth.

In the video, the man was seen enjoying every moment of skydiving with his girlfriend. ” I love you”, he told her as she thanked for the wonderful adventure. After few moments, he pulled out the ring and proposed her mid-air saying that “I fall in love with you more and more, Will you marry me?”.

She was completely surprised and the proposal ended as he screamed in sheer joy saying, “She said YESSS!”

Take a look at the video: 


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The video has garned almost 3.4 k likes and 68 comments. The netizens congratulated the couple, while others said that they were worried that Ray would drop the ring.


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