Viral love letter! From ‘sorry’ to ‘Janu’ and ‘tomato’ this is what girl writes to persuade ‘angry’ lover

Viral love letter: In the age of social media, photos and videos related to love and lovers often become viral. People find different ways and means to express their love in a very special way. They feel and their partners give a sense of feeling that they love them the most and none can replace them.

As the Valentine’s Week has started, a love letter has surfaced on the internet and massively going viral. From the writings of the girl it can be ascertained that the girl had a fight with her boyfriend and she writes the letter to persuade her ‘angry’ lover. In her viral love letter, she goes on using some romantic words like ‘Janu, Munna, Raja, Tomato, Pigeon and Rasgulla’ to convince him.

In the letter, in broken Hindi, the girlfriend writes, ‘Darling, I don’t doubt you. I see a girl talking to you… Neither does my heart ache. Too much happens. Dear, don’t talk to any girl nor smile. Jaanu, I am not misunderstanding you. Darling, I love you, that’s why I am saying this. If you believe in pigeon, then accept it. If you don’t believe then it is your wish and dear, don’t go to their house at all, whether she is a girl or not. Munna, pigeon sorry if I wrote wrong. I love you, I love you. Sorry Munna, if I have written something wrong, then my pigeon, darling, king, tomato, rasgulla. I miss you.’

Hundreds of social media users have reacted to the viral love letter.

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