Viral lesbian couple blasts TikTok for deleting their video

Sundas Malik and Anjali Chakra, a popular lesbian couple from the USA have blasted Tik Tok for pulling down a viral video that one of them had posted a few days back. In the video, both Anjali and Sundas can be seen dancing.

Anjali and Sundas, who often put lovable videos and photos of each other on social media, recently posted a TikTok video on the app. But, according to Anjali, TikTiok deleted the video showing the reason that the post violated their community guidelines.

Anjali had posted the same video on Twitter a few days ago and when she was made aware that TikTok had pulled her video down, she blasted them.

She retweeted her video and wrote, “TikTok deleted this for ‘violating community guidelines’ so the rumors about homophobia are true.” She then tagged them in the thread and said, “@tiktok_us you wanna explain why this got taken down?”

The post has already received more than 249.8k views, 1.5k likes, and 222 retweets.

After Anjali shared the post, many netizens supported her and criticized TikTok.

The couple rose to fame on social media following one of their adorable posts on Instagram earlier this year where they were seen standing in the rain under a transparent umbrella. Sharing the pictures Sundas had captioned, “I’m usually the kurta to her lehenga, so coming up with family-ready femme wedding outfits was more than a little stressful for me.”

Anjali Chakra is a Hindu originally from India while Sundas Malik is a Muslim artist from Pakistan.

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