Vehicle owners may have to pay fine of Rs 10,000, get arrested if do not have this document

In what can be considered as important news for the vehicle owners who do not have valid documents of their vehicles will have to face stringent action. As per the rules of the government, they will have to pay hefty fines and even get arrested.

With the aim to control vehicular pollution in the national capital city, the government of Delhi has started to take stricter action against those vehicle owners who do not have a vehicle pollution certificate.

According to reports, the State government has started sending notices to those vehicle owners who do not have a pollution certificate of their vehicle. Apart from paying a fine of 10,000, they may have to go to jail for 6 months.

According to reports, there are 17 lakh such vehicles in Delhi, whose pollution certificate has not been made. Of these, 13 lakh are two wheelers while 3 lakh are cars.

It is worth noting that the pollution certificate has been made mandatory for motor vehicles so that it can be found whether the vehicle which is moving on the road is correct according to the standard of pollution or not.

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